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Menu Template Generator for Your Restaurant

Whether you run an Italian restaurant or a burger joint, these free restaurant menu templates will transform your mouthwatering menu items into a complete restaurant menu optimised to help you get more orders.

Free menus designed for your restaurant

We'll design and optimise your restaurant menu so you can get back to doing what you love: making great food and keeping customers happy.
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Get your free menu template

How to make a menu using your free template

Creating a new menu is easy with your swanky blank template.
1. Download your free menu template
Choose from our library of free restaurant delivery menu templates that best suits your restaurant.
2. Customise your menu
Upload your logo, menu items,images and descriptions to personalise your menu.
3. Publish your new menu
Post your updated menu directly to delivery apps or export as a PDF to print physical copies.

What makes a good menu?

6 simple steps to improving your restaurant’s menu to increase your sales, customer satisfaction and more.
Is easy to read and navigate
Your key categories should be mains, sides, drinks, desserts, and extras. Highlighting your best-selling items in a section also helps customers make ordering decisions.
Showcases add-ons and offers flexible modifications
Providing guidance for your customers is a great way to increase average order size. Ensure your menu empowers customers to personalise dishes with clear labels such as vegan, vegetarian or lactose-free.
Stays up-to-date and versatile with seasonal changes
Keep tabs on your items and remove dishes that are underperforming or unavailable. Offer specials based on seasonal trends.
Includes promotional items
Promotions make a great incentive to encourage customers to try something new on your menu.
Features eye-catching food photography and enticing menu item descriptions
Make sure to use mouthwatering photos or illustrations to help customers imagine what they’ll be having. Well-written descriptions can increase restaurant sales up to 30% too!
Utilises consistent visual cues
What’s the best colour for a restaurant menu? Orange is said to stimulate the appetite while green can represent fresh ingredients. As for prices, avoid emphasising currency and round up figures to ease customers’ buying behaviour.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our menu optimisation tips are relevant for both delivery and dine-in menus. But you’ll want to pay attention to best practices for delivery platform menus, such as number of categories, menu item descriptions and menu photos for each item.

Both digital and physical menus are equally important for your dine-in customers. A physical menu is useful for providing a memorable ordering experience to your customers when dining in. Meanwhile, allowing customers to order online using a digital menu will give them more time to browse, order ahead and even encourage them to order more.

Hubster’s Menu Management integrates with delivery apps and web-based ordering platforms, allowing you to make menu updates, mark items as sold out, change prices, and more - for any brand or location - all within a single dashboard.

Our menu templates are completely free to download and use! You can edit them easily on Google Slides and download as PDF for print or a digital upload.

Creating a new menu is easy with our free restaurant menu templates. All you have to do is download your template of choice and edit it using your restaurant’s logo, menu descriptions and photos.

Data on delivery platforms show that menus with 7-12 categories are easy to navigate and encourage repeat orders.

Designed to simplify and grow
your delivery business.

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